Medium Ghana Fang Mask - Symbol Black (A-WC967)

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Medium Hand-Crafted Fang Mask from Ghana
These hand-crafted masks are engraved with famous African symbols, like the Gye Nyame symbol or the Sankofa bird. Fang masks hold an important place in Ghanaian history, as the masks were used in initiation ceremonies. They were also used for hunting or in dancing ceremonies. Approx. 15”-20” tall. Made in Ghana. Each piece is different. Photos shown here are representative of general look only. Orange color is unusual. A-WC967

San means: to return           ko means: to go          fa means: to look, to seek and take

NOTICE: The Sankofa bird has sought its past trail to take back what was lost, in order to protect its future!

 The Meaning of Sankofa

Sankofa literally means to go back and get what was taken. After the term made its way to the United States, African-American scholars coin the term to mean “remembering our past, to protect our future” within the African-American culture.