Banana Leaf Ornaments - Huts (A-P252)

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Banana Leaf Hut Ornament
These can be used to decorate your home anytime or hang on your Christmas tree. Approx. 4.5" tall. Made in Kenya. A-P252

Banana leaf artwork has been constant in African culture for centuries. Native to Kenya, banana leaf art consists of little slices of banana leaves that are cut and pasted or woven together. Sometimes, the banana leaves are dyed to create a more dimensional or realistic effect. Banana leaf sculptures are made by weaving together thin slices of banana leaves, shaping and pasting them together to create a new style of art. This type of artwork takes a long time to complete and needs to be done carefully. These art forms have become extremely popular in the last few years. The paintings and other art styles are quite extraordinary in their look adding that ethnic African touch and warmth to your living area or guestroom. They are made out of genuine dried banana leaves. These paintings  can work as wonderful wall hangings too. There are several Zulu artists who create such beautiful paintings using the natural color of the banana leaves to produce different color elements.