Banana Leaf Figurine: Fishing Boat (A-P274)

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Banana Leaf Figurine: Fishing Boat
Capture the spirit of the African people with this hand-crafted banana leaf Fishing Boat. Banana leaves are cut and sculpted into the figure for an unforgettable focal point in any home or store window. Made from banana leaves. 3" tall. 6" long. Made in Kenya. A-P274

African tribes have enriched African artwork in various ways with its history dating back to the earliest times. The most primeval sculpture forms discovered till date was from Nigeria from around 500BC. Banana leaf paintings can be found in both large and small types depicting animals, forests and vegetation of Africa, rituals, religions, dance forms, tribes, village life, war and warriors and varied other topics. You can buy these banana leaf paintings single or as a collage, both framed and unframed. Each banana leaf painting is handcrafted out of single banana leaves. These paintings are quite characteristic of Kenyan art.