About Kawaida Imports

I've spent most of my life working service jobs such as EMT & Fire Inspector. I was never quite satisfied working for a paycheck that was dependent upon factors of which I have no control. Variables such as layoffs, bankruptcies or a boss that you just never could work well with. I opted for self-employment as an Independent Contractor performing business, home and vehicle inspections.

Fast forward, I found myself still feeling a void within myself at which point I became more interested in my ancestry because I never knew who I was or where my true lineage originated. All I knew was that I am of African descent.  As I researched more I became in love with who I Am and Mother Africa. Basically, I wanted to be as close to Mother Africa as I could be, I wanted to be totally self-sufficient, relying on my own moral compass and work ethic to determine my destiny.

I enjoy learning more and educating others about my culture, the handmade clothes, soaps, oils, instruments, music and African Arts are unique and exceptional. I am thrilled to share this knowledge with my African-American "Brotha’s & Sista’s." I want to provide the black community with African Cultural Products, created by our African counterparts in the Motherland, products that many of us don't know exist. I want these products to help give them a sense of their true identity and worth. These products must also be affordable because some of us live on very tight budgets.

In addition, the one area of research that I love about Africa the most is our Historic Kings & Queens, the empires they created, the sense of community and long-standing traditions that many of our ancestors enjoyed. Kawaida Imports represents all that and more to me. It is my way of giving African-Americans in the Diaspora a real education that many of us have never heard and cultural products that they can see, feel, touch, smell and wear.

I spent a large portion of my life raising my children after the death of their mother in 2002. They are all grown now and have all achieved some measure of success but their ancestry is something I never taught them until now! I am thankful that I see them daily and that they are a strong integral part of my life and success. I hope to one day visit several countries in Africa (or reside) with them by my side. I don't seek, fame or fortune. I seek to leave a legacy that my children can be proud of...that is what Kawaida Imports means too me.

Steven R. Smith

At Kawaida Imports, we believe that providing Authentic, Affordable and Diverse High Quality African made products contributes to creating a true sense of self and identity for the African Diaspora and others interested in African Culture.


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